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Living room with built-ins


I don't know where to start or what look I'm going for. What do you suggest?

This is about 50% of our clientele. The good news is, this is something we help with daily! It's our job to learn your personal style and translate it into a custom home design plan that is functional, beautiful, and well planned. We will go in-depth to determine your unique style and how to best showcase it. Each design plan will come with multiple options and we'll work to piece together each element. Our goal is to leave you with a home that artfully showcases your unique personality, style and taste. Start with a free discovery call today and find out how we can help!

I know what I like but I'm not sure how to bring it all together. How can you help?

This is the other 50% of our clientele. Maybe you've bought a couch, table, or a piece of art - but it doesn't feel complete and you're not sure what's missing. We'll come in and go through your existing items and space, help figure out what should stay or go, and decide what needs to be added to achieve your design goals. It's often a lack of texture, dimension, scale or furniture placement that can make a space feel incomplete.

We'll focus on layering items of different tones and material, and make sure all furniture and decor is of proper scale for your home. Layout is also important - we'll make sure furniture and decor is placed in a way that creates good balance and flow.

How can I add color -OR- What colors should I go with?

One of the biggest questions we get is about color. A lot of people are scared of color - it can feel overwhelming and completely stall your design progress, but that's why we're here! We deal with color every day. Each and every color has an undertone (even white!), and how they mesh and work together is really important. It can make or break a design!


We'll help create a custom color palette unique for your home and implement it throughout. We'll help select hard and soft materials (think tile, flooring, paint, window treatments, cushions, etc.) and decide what colors and tones will work together in harmony to create the desired look. Color is one of the biggest aspects of your design - whether it's monochromatic, neutral or lots of fun color - it's very important to get it right!

How much will your services cost?

Each project is unique and design costs vary. Take a living room for example: it may have several existing pieces of furniture or decor items that we can repurpose -OR- it may need a complete overhaul. Are we moving electrical, resurfacing a fireplace, adding wallpaper? Pricing depends on how much design work is needed and what all the design plan will encompass.

How our pricing is structured:

First, give us a call and let's chat about your project to see if we're a good fit (the discovery call is free!) If it's a good fit, then we'll meet in person for an initial consultation. We charge a flat rate of $200 for a design consultation which typically lasts an hour to an hour and a half. After that, we charge hourly for our design time (once we look at and go over your project in detail at the consultation - we will provide a quote of how much design time will be needed for your individual project.)


We encourage you to have an overall project budget in mind when you contact us. Knowing this number is important - it let's us know realistically what can be achieved design wise so we can maximize the budget. We want to allocate the budget appropriately and focus on what will make the largest impact to the overall design goals.

Navy and white dining room with jute rug and chrome chandelier with dark wood dining table
Girly home office with gray wood bookshelves and pink flowers
Baby girl nursery room with polka dot sprinkle accent wall and butterfly artwork, hanging blankets and light wood crib

Get started on your dream home today!

Contact us for a free discovery call & learn the next steps in getting started.

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